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November 16, 2023
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Georgia Tech is one of the nation’s top destinations for students interested in technological innovation – that’s also what makes our Industrial Design Program right for students interested in the creative potential of design.

Undergraduate Options

Our program offers a well-rounded course of study with a focus on user-centered design and an emphasis on critical thinking, basic design, design skills, design communication and user experience. The curriculum is built around a series of eight studios – one each semester throughout the four years of the program. The ID studios focus on a sequential learning path that progressively builds in project complexity all the while integrating key components of the design process - project planning, research, concept development, prototyping and user testing.

Flexibility & Choice

Our ID curriculum has been restructured to provide each student with the flexibility to tailor his or her individual course selection to meet specific personal career goals and objectives. We are beginning to see the field of Industrial Design grow and mature as a discipline and there are now a more diverse and rapidly growing range of career options for our design graduates:

  • Our Product Development and Innovation stream applies advanced design and manufacturing methods combining rapid prototyping, laser cutting, parametric modeling, 3D scanning, and CNC machining to develop innovative new concepts for a broad range of traditional product design applications.
  • Our Health and Well-Being stream focuses on a pro-active approach to the application of design research, universal design and iterative design methods to develop new innovations in medical and health-related products and/or address the shortfalls of our current healthcare system.
  • Our Interactive Product Design stream leverages advances in microelectronics and sensor-based technologies to explore opportunities to design and develop state-of-the-art applications of ‘smart’ products, systems and services ranging from portable wireless handheld devices to the latest in wearable technologies linked to the ‘internet of things’.

Specialty Skills

Industrial Design Thesis Show 2012
Industrial Design Thesis Show 2012
The 1st Suzhou Industrial Design Exhibition
The 1st Suzhou Industrial Design Exhibition
TU/e Closing Academic Year - Graduate School
TU/e Closing Academic Year - Graduate School

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