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August 22, 2022
If you elect not to move

It may seem incomprehensible to the latest generation, but we used to choose what art schools we'd apply to by looking at printed paper brochures that came in the mail. In an era before social media and the internet, a school's reputation wasn't easy to ascertain, particularly if you lived far away from it; your high school art teacher—who might've been anything from an out-of-work landscaper to a bored housewife—would tell you they heard RISD was good, for instance, and that was about the extent of it.

Technology being where it's at today, I'm frankly surprised we don't see more art schools pushing themselves with promotional videos. I hope more schools follow CCA's lead, as they recently released a blitz of videos showing students from various majors discussing what their experience is like at the school.

Below is the Industrial Design one featuring a student named Haley—who went from bike shop mechanic to ID student—talking about the program and how it led her to an internship at Nike.

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