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October 2, 2019
Product Design


What is Sports Product Design?

Sports Product Design is about the production of innovative sports products through research and design. It is a focused experience in ideation, creation, material, production, and design development specific to sports products.

The UO Product Design program has addressed sports gear in their curriculum since the program opened in 2008, winning their first national student design award for their Oregon Manifest bicycle design and prototype. The program has also pioneered adaptive design working with athletes with disabilities. Students create innovative product designs that enable athletes to manifest their sports potential. Learn more about the Adaptive Design studio projects here.

Coming Soon—a Master’s Degree in Sports Product Design at the UO in Portland

Student with bike prototypeThe proposed Master of Science in Sports Product Design will prepare designers to be key members and leaders of multidisciplinary development teams within the more than 800 sports product companies located in Oregon and beyond. The degree focuses on innovation methods, design for the athlete, product sustainability, and sports marketing and branding.

Entering designers equipped with conceptual problem-solving abilities, knowledge of materials and production, strategies for emotional product resonance and relevance, and entrepreneurial skills will have their designer’s toolboxes enhanced with a deep, specific study of sports product techniques, tools and platforms, and human physiology, biomechanics, and sports psychology.

Interdisciplinary project-based courses with students in the Lundquist College of Business's Sports Product Management program, and international study-abroad opportunities and internships are highlights of this degree program. Students who graduate from this program will impact the sports design culture of Oregon and the world at large.

The Sports Products Initiative will offer two new degrees—sports product design and sports product management. If you are interested in the to be on our mailing list for updates and application information. Projected to launch in Portland in Fall 2015 will be the proposed Sports Product Management, offered by the Lundquist College of Business. Projected to launch in Portland in Fall 2016, is the proposed master’s degree in Sports Product Design offered by the Product Design Program in the School of Architecture and Allied Arts.

Chris Corbett - Product Design Portfolio Video
Chris Corbett - Product Design Portfolio Video
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Festival of Design & Innovation 2011 - Product Design
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