Product Design Description

October 3, 2022
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See what you should bring to the table once you decide on an industrial design career.

Smiling industrial designer working at a computer with plans Industrial designers are constantly striving to produce innovations we love.

Working closely with businesses and manufacturers, industrial designers take products and product ideas and make them user-friendly, ergonomic and attractive to consumers.

In an industrial design position, you may design products ranging from a set of tools to the latest car model.

Although you may focus your industrial design career on a specific product, your training can be applied in almost endless ways.

Job Responsibilities

  • Working with clients to determine the design requirements
  • Brainstorming ideas and creating models
  • Designing products with the needs and wants of a specific audience in mind
  • Creating drawings either by either sketching or using CAD software that visually depicts design ideas
  • Working with design technology
  • Collaborating with mechanical engineers and manufacturers
  • Participating in product testing
  • Determining whether a design is practical by gauging product safety and function

Skills Needed for an Industrial Design Job

  • Creativity: You’ll need to look at existing products and determine how they could work or look better—see beyond the current reality to what’s possible. You’ll also weigh in on the functionality of new products in development. Anticipating consumers’ needs and how they will attempt to use the product is a big part of being an industrial designer.
  • Technical Skill: Industrial designers work with an array of design technology to complete their projects. CAD training and experience is essential, because you use software to develop designs in two and three dimensions.
  • Teamwork: As in any job, whether you are working and communicating with your customer or with other members of the design team, effectively collaborating with others is necessary to succeed in an industrial design career.
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Product Design - 3D Printing
Product Design - 3D Printing
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Greene Tool - Product Design and Support - Mac and PC.mp4
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Product Description NEW DESIGN Standard Utility Kilt

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