Product Design Engineering degree

October 26, 2022
BEng Honours

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Why Choose Us?

  • Accredited by Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Institution of Engineering and Technology, and Institution of Engineering Designers
  • Home to two prestigious EPSRC Centres for Innovative Manufacturing

The rapid evolution of products is key to the global economy. Products change functionally and aesthetically, hence the key ingredient for any product’s success is the skill of the Product Design Engineers.

Product Design Engineers have the challenging task of combining creative, aesthetic and technical design skills, with a background of engineering science. It is important that they are able to design a new product that satisfies the original functional specification and is appealing to the potential market. Furthermore, understanding the operating principles of manufacturing processes and technologies, is critical to allowing quality products to be designed and realised in the right quantities, to an appropriate level of quality, and at the right price.

Study options
Qualification Length UCAS code
MEng (Hons) 4 years full-time HHC7
MEng (Hons) DIS 5 years full-time sandwich HHD7
BEng (Hons) 3 years full-time HH1R
BEng (Hons) DIS 4 years full-time sandwich H715
MEng (Hons)

The fundamental principle of the IMechE/IED/IET accredited Product Design Engineering degree courses are that good designers have a broad range of skills, from creative and aesthetic awareness, through design engineering and communication, to manufacturing understanding and analysis.

It is essential that the graduate Product Design Engineers are both able to design new products that satisfy the original design functional and aesthetic specifications, but are also able to identify the most appropriate manufacturing route for the production quality, quantity and cost profile required.

Through the provision of the only IMechE/IED/IET engineering accredited MEng and BEng courses in the country, we provide students with the ability to design, manufacture and test fully functioning design solutions, using Siemens NX8 3D Computer Aided Engineering design environments, state of the art, Additive Manufacturing facilities, industry standard machine tool systems, manufacturing processes, and sub-micrometre accuracy measurement equipment. These courses give you the benefit of professional engineering and/or professional design career routes.

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Student Profile: Product Design Engineering
Student Profile: Product Design Engineering
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