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October 27, 2023
If this look is too hard
Design Director

As Design Director for Forms+Surfaces, Adam Tripp oversees Product Design and Development across all F+S product lines. In addition to the project management of new and custom product development, he is continually defining new materials and manufacturing processes that influence the look and feel of the Forms+Surfaces brand. Adam is responsible for some of the most recognizable site furniture, architectural surfaces and door hardware in the F+S catalog. He joined the Forms+Surfaces Design Studio in 2007 and holds a degree in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Design and Development Manager

Todd Rodgers acts as a liaison between Design and Engineering, ensuring that the products Forms+Surfaces develops are repeatable, ‘manufacturable’ and cost-effective, while retaining the aesthetic. As the manager of the prototyping shop, Todd has put his fingerprint on every product line and helps designers bring their visions to life. Todd has a Masters Degree of Fine Arts from the University of Kansas, where he focused on Sculpture, Blacksmithing and Jewelry Design. A craftsman adept at blending form and function, Todd’s attention to detail is part of what sets our products apart.

Architectural Surfaces Designer
History Free Editing with Autodesk Product Design Suite
History Free Editing with Autodesk Product Design Suite
FORM SF 2014: Panel - Design Tooling
FORM SF 2014: Panel - Design Tooling
Form Function - 3 Design Projects
Form Function - 3 Design Projects

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