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June 16, 2022
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Danny HeadshotDSISD’s leadership team and school have a multitude of skills and extensive encounters that vary from working in the industry and engineering fields to teaching and leading in high-carrying out public, charter, and innovation schools. We're leaders, and also have experience beginning schools with personalized learning programs that break the mold of traditional schools by bridging understanding how to real–world encounters.

Danny Medved is honored is the DSISD founding school leader. Before entering the area of your practice, Danny labored in the industry entrepreneurship and outside entertainment industries, and the undergraduate course work centered on business entrepreneurship and taking advantage of experiential education like a medium to interact and empower at-risk and underserved students.

Since entering the area of your practice, Danny has spent his educational career closing the chance gap by serving the scholars of DPS both in charter and Innovation schools. His operate in various DPS leadership programs and also the quest for his doctoral in the College of Colorado in Education Leadership and Policy Studies having a concentrate on creating schools that use a Competency-Based Education approach have prepared him to develop the DSISD founding team and hang an image which will make sure that DPS’s first Competency Based Senior High School is really a landmark in class innovation and planning students to become globally competitive employees leaders.

Outdoors of labor, Danny stays time together with his wife Brooke and three children, Havah, Caleb and Rachel, in addition to family and buddies. Those activities that bring their loved ones together have a tendency to involve the outside which vary from back country skiing to biking. Danny also likes to learn and browse.Dodge JPEG Headshot His favorite books mix genres and can include diverse game titles for example A River Runs Through It, Ender’s Game, Invisible Guy, and The Grapes of Wrath. Danny’s hope and dream for college students at DSISD is straightforward: that we'll empower students to possess their learning, to allow them to effectively pursue their dreams which help shape society.

Lisa Simms has been around education on her entire career like a class teacher for eleven years, both in junior high school and school, plus an evaluator and training coach for 3 years. Being an British teacher, she could train students something she gets very passionately about: the energy and sweetness of language.

Lisa has trained in a number of configurations including employed in alternative and public DPS schools, as being a founding person in Mapleton Expeditionary School from the Arts, and living and teaching abroad in Mexico. She's trained several sports, and throughout her career she's been fortunate to talk about two other passions together with her students, a real love for character and music. She's planned and caused many outside education encounters for college students in addition to engaged students in and thru music.

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