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December 15, 2020
The Art Institute of Fort

Collaboration is an essential part in our program, and our faculty use solution-driven techniques to train students inside a encouraging, energetic class atmosphere. Being an Industrial Design major, you'll explore broad design concepts and problems, and learn to significantly evaluate and refine solutions. You'll use students using their company CIA programs, schools, and companies in addition to several worldwide companies to familiarizes you with real-world challenges. Each spring, additionally you will take part in CIA’s annual Spring Design Show. This exhibition of student work will help you to refine your abilities, gain firsthand contact with industry practices, and network with professional designers.

Our goal would be to balance your development in fundamental understanding and abilities together with your individual regions of interest to get you prepared for a job. Being an Industrial Designer, you'll design consumer items, for example, cars, toys, furniture, shoes, and much more. Additionally, you'll design a product's consumer experience, interface, appearance, as well as determine the manufacturing techniques. You can even invent methods to fulfill society’s unmet needs and reinvent existing items.

So what can I actually do having a degree in Industrial Design?

Senior named one of the top five student designers in U.S.

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Senior named among the top 5 student designers in U.S.

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Industrial Design Institute
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