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January 3, 2022
IIT Institute of Design

After Bredendiek retired from Georgia Tech in 1973, his successors Jack Seay (1973 - 1976), Lee Payne (1976 - 1988) and William Bullock (1988 - 1999) continued to grow the Industrial Design program based on Bauhaus educational methods. During Bullock's decade-long tenure as director, undergraduate enrollment tripled.

Bullock also began the program's focus on collaborative research with research initiatives like the Collaborative Product Development Laboratory (CoLab) in 1993. Under Bullock's direction, CoLab generated industry research through multi disciplinary teams from business, design and engineering backgrounds.

Connections and Collaboration

Program director Lorraine Justice's (1999 - 2003) tenure was marked by national and international prestige: By 2002, the program was selected by Business Week as one of the top design schools in the country. Justice also led the effort to gain a Master of Industrial Design graduate degree for the program, which was approved by the Board of Regents in 2002. Justice was later named one of the top 40 influential designers by ID magazine in 2006.

As program director from 2005 to 2009, Abir Mullick's expertise in universal design established a leading reputation for health and assistive technology design. Campus-wide, Mullick's efforts were complemented by the Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access, a group that the School of Industrial Design still collaborates with to this day.

Moving Forward with Technology

School of Industrial Design Chair Jim Budd, right, and students
show off projects in the Interactive Product Design Laboratory.

By 2010, the Industrial Design program was elevated to the School of Industrial Design within the College of Architecture at Georgia Tech. Jim Budd was appointed the first chair of the school. Budd's expertise in human-centered, interactive product design helped the school build strong ties to its engineering and computing counterparts at Georgia Tech.

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