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September 27, 2022
The second Engineering

Industrial ApplicationsGenerator Packages
Most modern Genset packages, as of yet, do not include closed crankcase systems in their base configuration, which means it is even more important to specify a Walker AIRSEP® system. For years, top engineers, contractors, and packaging houses have specified AIRSEPS® systems for both prime and standby power, to better meet ongoing OSHA and emission guidelines.

Natural Gas Engines
As an emerging technology, Natural Gas fired engines are becoming increasingly popular. Walker Engineering offers several AIRSEP® kit configurations designed to best deal with the crankcase fumes, as well as the collected blow-by effluent of these engine types.

Systems are now available for HTEL power units on common railroad engine installations supplying electric power to the trains. AIRSEP® systems for locomotive engines are also available in limited configurations.

Auxillary Engines
Specialty diesel engine configurations for such applications as pumps systems, refrigeration, irrigation, and industrial processes require heavy duty fume disposal systems. System flexibility make AIRSEP® the best choice when designing an auxillary engine package that requires reliability and unparalleled system integration.

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Electrical Products & Services by Industrial Engineering
Electrical Products & Services by Industrial Engineering ...
Industrial & Engineering Showreel - Rob Harris Productions
Industrial & Engineering Showreel - Rob Harris Productions
Rob Harris Productions - Industrial Engineering Showreel
Rob Harris Productions - Industrial Engineering Showreel

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