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September 1, 2021
Designing Transformers

Tutorial 1: Design Drawing Procedure for the "Kumm" Coffee Machine

Items Used:

  • Copic A3 Marker Pad
  • Ball Point Pen
  • Copic Classic Markers (Blender), N0, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N7, N9, E13, E57, E59, W2, Y11, YR02, YR04, YR21, YR24, 100, 110

“Kumm” the idea Turkish Coffee Machine, is among my self-started design projects. With this particular concept, my goal ended up being to take a classic cooking technique allow it to be appropriate for use at home. I personally use a Copic A3 marker pad along with a ball point pen for that product drawing before beginning the marker rendering process.

For that matte and dark items, I begin with the sunshine colors like N2 and N3, or C2 and C3. By doing this it’s simpler to manage the entire process. Layer by layer, more dark colors for example N5 and N7 may be used. Bearing in mind the light is from the left side, I mainly concentrate on the right side from the product, since it needs to be more dark. It’s necessary for make use of the marker in direction of the surfaces.

After creating nice layers with assorted gray tones, it’s time for you to use Copic 100 or 110 for black effect.

Designers think when they sketch, and sketch the things they think. Time is frequently an issue for busy designers, so unless of course we are carrying out a detailed illustration, we must express the minds rapidly. I usually attempt to focus overall product many other materials, color combinations, insights, etc. These are important for that drawing process. Here' carry the YR21 to produce the very first layer from the copper/brass material.

To obtain the reflective copper/brass effect, I offer the light colors with more dark ones like E57, E59, and N5. Also, for that matte black effect I do not leave any whitened on our bodies.

Throughout marker rendering, sometimes I omit the present lines using the ball point pen to ensure they are more powerful.

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Design sketching tutorial, basics
Design sketching tutorial, basics
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