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January 4, 2021
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I recently had the chance to sit down in on the midterm thesis review by MFA students focusing on interaction design at California College from the Arts in Bay Area. Listening to and looking at the work they do got me thinking: what’s the need for a graduate education in design—especially for individuals thinking about careers in UX, UI, and product design?

To find out more, I spoken with several recent design grads now employed in UX/UI and product design. They attended schools such as the Art Center, Carnegie Mellon College, College of Washington, and RISD—and now they’re at places like Cooper, Flipboard, Amazon . com, and Google.

Talking to these designers provided 3 high-level good reasons to pursue a master’s in design and a few helpful advice for individuals entering grad school.

1. You need to gain fundamental abilities in new disciplines

Some of the designers spoke about entering grad school having a obvious arrange for abilities they desired to develop in class.

  • Gretchen Mendoza, MDes 2011 CMU, joined grad school with 8 experience like a artist. Her master’s program assisted her build fundamental abilities in design techniques and procedures including:
  • Personas
  • Workflows
  • Service items
  • Ideation
  • Iteration
  • Prototyping

Additionally, it assisted her develop her philosophy on the need for design work:

“This is effective work that may change companies and affect people’s lives. It's helped me care a smaller amount about appearance, appropriately, plus much more about the opportunity to make our work both valuable and significant.”

  • Yuin Chien, MFA on television Design 2011 Art Center, analyzed engineering and information technology being an undergrad, but understood she desired to develop her design abilities in grad school. Within the foundation year of her 3-year program, she analyzed typography, motion, and inventive strategy, and located each subject challenging but rewarding. She could mix her abilities to get “a courageous maker, quickly prototyping ideas using different media.”

“I had not produced interactive media before, also it literally transformed generate income see all digital media. I began of looking after concerning the audience, and also the user, the very first time.Inches

A typical thread one of the designers I questioned was that critique periods assisted them hone their presentation abilities, defend their ideas, and accept feedback.

2. You need to pursue personal projects

Although some design programs are structured around group project work, others encourage students to build up their very own design practices and the body of labor.

Students must develop a completely independent thesis project within their final year, so that they have considerable time to understand more about an market. Frequently it is really an intimidating and challenging process. Students sometimes go missing on the way, however with hope they understand out when from the thesis show. Chien remarked, “The thesis year is all about personal expression and ideas, and searching back, I miss it. It’s a very energy.Inches

  • Jackson Wang, MFA on television Design 2008 Art Center, appreciated getting this time around to get results for themself after many years of labor services:
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