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August 26, 2022
Industrial design student

Behance is a superb spot to find new work and inventive inspiration from top industrial designers. But, with the amount of of these to search through, it can be hard to understand how to start.

To make things simple for you, we have done the effort and selected 20 from the top industrial designers' investment portfolios which are certainly worth considering.

These designers are busy reinventing the style of items for example furniture, devices, cars – even toilets – in the most wonderful ways. So have a glimpse to return of design, once we reveal the commercial designers you ought to be following...

Vasquez's bamboo-made lighting product is run by constant prevailing seaside winds and one that is almost completely biodegradable

Hungarian industrial designer Alberto Vasquez comes with an awesome online portfolio, filled with gorgeous designs similar to this eco-friendly lighting system. Vasquez states his method of design is "affected through the Amazon . com Indians' thought process, always searching for a natural balance in designs both by form and functionality too.Inch

Elie Ahovi designed this marine drone to be able to address the issue of plastic waste within the ocean

The portfolio of designer Elie Ahovi features some seriously awesome projects, such as this marine drone, designed to address the issue of plastic waste within the ocean. Throughout Ahovi's design process, he "attempts to apply a commercial design method according to customers to be able to have effective tools to reply to the various challenges".

Da Mata's Music player design includes a strap design with touch screen functionality

How awesome is that this concept for a music player by Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata? Specialising in branding, interactive and industrial design, Da Mata combines these disciplines to develop plenty of strange, wonderful and advanced ideas, producing a great portfolio. If you want stuff that are a bit different or in front of the occasions, then you need to certainly follow this person.

Sunjic's project 'Blind' is rgb brought hand railing that advice the way both aesthetically and physically

Specialising in plain and simple industrial, interior and product design, the portfolio of Zoran Sunjic is certainly worth a glance. The Croatian designer favours a powerful method of his projects, producing a gallery of gorgeous pictures of his items. A stick out example is that this Brought handrail, designed to help you through dark spaces both aesthetically and physically.

We are loving this design, that is a sofa, table and ottoman all-in-one furniture piece

Matthew Pauk includes a spectacular online portfolio, featuring designs in lots of areas, including furniture, shoes, packaging and print. But our favourite has to be this awesome 'Slot' piece of furniture, which blends together a settee, table, and ottoman. Stating that, Pauk's awesome Tripot teapot design arrived a really close second.

The way forward for seem headset systems? Awesome concept by designer Pedro Gomes

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