Degrees in Product Design

December 15, 2021

The Bachelor of Arts in Product Design degree program at NewSchool of Architecture & Design prepares students for professional practice of product design in a wide range of industries.

Offered as part of the newly created Domus Academy School of Design at NewSchool and in close collaboration with the prestigious graduate design school, Domus Academy in Milan, the product design program takes advantage of these relationships to position its students to become designers in a global market.

Students will learn how to design products and build strategies through a strong interdisciplinary foundation year, intensive project work and project assignments with real companies.

The Bachelor of Arts in Product Design degree program includes a study abroad opportunity at Domus Academy in Milan at no additional tuition cost.

Students pursuing a product design degree must complete 182 quarter credits, which typically requires four academic years of full-time study (based on three quarters of attendance annually).

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Product Design, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the technical skills, tools, systems, and processes of design in order to distill one solution from multiple possibilities.
  • Apply appropriate research methodologies to frame emerging needs for new product systems, including observational, psychographic, and ethnographic data.
  • Strategize design solutions and effectively communicate them both visually and through client-centric presentation.
  • Utilize a project-based approach that produces innovative design solutions for both community and industrial needs.
  • Synthesize how to implement a design idea through prototyping, manufacturing, and materials selection, taking into account evolutions and revolutions in manufacturing and production ecosystems.
  • Demonstrate professionalism, leadership, and responsibility through critical thinking, self-evaluation, collaboration, and teamwork.
  • Integrate an interdisciplinary approach to design that incorporates both global and multicultural concepts and perspectives.
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