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April 6, 2022
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Style in Design: Creatively Unique Industrial Design Ideas

Industrial design can take an almost infinite number of paths: it can show actual branded ideas ready for a specific company, outlandish fantasies that will never see production, or just about anywhere in between. Vincent Olm‘s designs lean toward the fanciful, but are realistic and well-thought-out enough to actually be possible. The above design, the Chiwawa lamp, won the designer international attention. It’s nothing more than a small piece of metal with “legs” that hold a light bulb up and away from a tabletop, but the result is an adorable and useful lamp that can be moved nearly anywhere.

Olm’s other designs are just as whimsical-but-functional. The coffee table that is made of flexible cork but holds its shape with a few small pieces of bent wire; the rug made entirely of footprint-shaped pieces of material; the wall shelf that looks like wallpaper peeling off of the wall. Every design is functional, but doesn’t sacrifice form in any way. These supremely stylish, supremely useful items are the type of product that every designer hopes to be able to turn out.

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Product Design Strategy
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Product Design Drawing in Adobe Illustrator - From Pencil ...
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