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November 21, 2022
AppleThe original Mac desktop

With the Sorkin/Fassbinder movie coming out this week (see above) and Apple continuing to dominate our paychecks, there’s no escaping Steve Jobs right now. Even Jobs's signature style is having a moment in the menswear world. Well, a certain version of it is.

You’ve heard us go on and on about the turtleneck for fall. We’re not saying you should wear the basic black mock-neck style that Jobs made famous, but honestly, it’s not that far off. Make the fabric more luxurious, the cut a bit slimmer, and you’re there.

The other Steve Jobs signature style move that feels relevant right now: those glasses. Round, clear, frameless eyewear is a lot of look, figuratively speaking. Take that aesthetic and apply it to a pair of sunglasses, though, and you get something every hip guy from New York to Paris has been donning lately. The idea is very anti–Tom Cruise in Risky Business, very pro…well, Steve Jobs. Young label Garrett Leight really owns the trend, but pretty much every eyewear brand is making a version of these right now.

  1. Garrett Leight sunglasses, $340, available at; 2. Ray-Ban sunglasses, $150, available at; 3. Thom Browne sunglasses, $575, available at

So, yeah, in a way, we think you should dress like Steve Jobs this fall. Just don’t wear dad jeans unless you’re doing Jobs as a Halloween costume. And don’t do Jobs as a Halloween costume if you’re single and looking to have an impromptu sleepover with someone. In that case, maybe try Mad Max instead.

ICO - Presentation Steve Job Styles
ICO - Presentation Steve Job Styles
Steve Jobs 1985 - Helicopter SUPER STAR style arrival
Steve Jobs 1985 - Helicopter SUPER STAR style arrival ...
Dooie Steve Jobs, Taiwan style
Dooie Steve Jobs, Taiwan style

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