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March 4, 2022
Video Billboard - WOKING - Web

examples_thumbWeb design is all about telling a story and conveying the right message. Irrespective of the genre or topic of the website in question, great web design leaves no stone unturned in its bid to connect and interact with its users. In fact, the onus and willingness to interact and send out a message is what separates great web design from good ones.

And when it comes to fostering interaction or conveying a message, nothing beats videos!

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More and more video content is being generated every day, and modern internet users often tend to prefer videos and images over plain text. As such, incorporating a video background in your web design can actually go a long way to bringing your design to life.

In this article, I will assess the importance of having video backgrounds in your web design projects, as well as mention a couple of down-sides.


Video backgrounds rose to popularity in 2013, and have been in vogue ever since. As the name suggests, a website with a video background uses, well, a video as its background. Quite obviously, it can either make the overall design impressive beyond compare, or, if poorly implemented, it can ruin even the best of designs.

The most obvious benefit of having a video background on your website is that it makes up for visual presentation in an unobtrusive manner. Videos can tell stories that can otherwise not be described by means of static text content.Bob Wassermann This can add to the visual experience of your website and impress your visitors.

Inspiration: Websites Using Video Backgrounds

Enough talking! Let us now take a look at some inspirational websites that are actually using video backgrounds effectively.

Creative Portfolio/Agency Websites

Creative portfolio sites, such as those of design agencies or artists or musicians, are the ideal candidate for video backgrounds. In such websites, you do not really need to emphasize the content by means of words; instead, the idea is to offer an ambience that makes your creativity stand out.

Product and eCommerce Websites

eCommerce stores, landing pages, and product pages can use video backgrounds as well, especially if yours is a dedicated site selling a given niche or product (as opposed to eBay or Amazon that offer virtually every type of commodity).

You can use video backgrounds to connect with your buyers, and at the same time, provide them with a wonderful user experience while shopping or browsing through products.

AXE Matte Effect Geode Elegant eCommerce Multipurpose Theme This Way WP Full Video/Image Background with Audio OK Kid - Grundlos EP
MASTERS OF VIDEO DESIGN, worldwide exhibition 2001-2005
MASTERS OF VIDEO DESIGN, worldwide exhibition 2001-2005
Mehendi Design Video
Mehendi Design Video
Vesuvius, Video Design (Pre-Vis)
Vesuvius, Video Design (Pre-Vis)

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