Industrial Design methodology

August 16, 2022
Design drivers

The Look Theory and Methodology group performs research and offers education on every aspect of the look process. The audience is an integral part from the Industrial Design faculty supplying structure for that studio-based design work of scholars and integrated in lots of other courses within the curriculum. The DTM group, headed by Prof. dr. Petra Badke-Schaub, belongs to the department of Product Innovation and Management inside the faculty.

The 3-level research programme from the DTM group concentrates on the introduction of an individual-centred design methodology that props up designer in the method of creating:

  1. Theoretical level: theoretical concepts supply the beginning point for design research that seeks to generate understanding about creating under various conditions.
  2. Empirical level: seeks to evaluate ideas concerning the thinking and acting processes of designers and style teams.
  3. Application level: concentrates on the use of techniques such as the adaptation of existing techniques along with the growth and development of new techniques produced from theory.

A lately started project, ‘Mental models in design teams’, concentrates on the function of person cognition inside a social context having a major focus on the event and exchange of mental models in design groups.

The audience adds several courses towards the faculty, provides support for that studio-based design education, and supervises various research and graduation projects.The main course may be the Master’s course on Design Theory &lifier Methodology. The audience offers courses outdoors the commercial Design Engineering faculty.

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